The questions you're too shy to ask!

The app that allows both you and your partner to openly discover and discuss personal, taboo and sex subjects that you might be to shy to ask in person.

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The vision of this app is to provide the best platform we can offer which will enable people to openly discover and discuss personal, taboo and sex subjects that users might be too shy to ask in person. The goal is to create a world in which taboo, sex, dating and other related topics can be discussed openly on a global scale.


Tooshytoask helps people to find each others shyness by providing a category question room that couples can use to answer and match interest based on the answers.

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Screenshot of iPhone App


Select and send a category question request to your partner that you feel too shy to discuss in person. This allows you to select 20 (and growing) categories with over 5000 questions to help you and your partner break the shyness bridge.


After selecting and accepting the category, both users will be placed in a question room where they will have to answer 10 random question related to the selected category. If they match on any questions during their questionnaire, a matching indicator will be highlighted.

Shyness Results

Based on both user answers, the matching results will be shown which helping people free the shyness.

Screenshot of iPhone App